Sunday, December 26, 2010

Coming in January

Kiki's and The Gravity Tavern will be closed from January 1st-6th...
Re-opening in the New Year with a great music line up

Friday the 7th: Baker Street Band
Saturday the 8th: Lichen

Thursday 13th: Joel Cage
Friday 14th: Small Town Stranded
Saturday 15th: Strout Duo

Thursday 20th: Gardner
Friday 21st: Kind Buds
Saturday 22nd: Brick Yard Blues

Thursday 27th: Lisa Guyer
Friday 28th: JamAntics
Saturday 29th: Ballou/Magoon Duo

Thursday, December 9, 2010

December Music Refresh!

This weekend:

Thursday: Lisa Guyer
Friday: JamAntics
Saturday: Bakerstreet

Next Week:

Thursday: Charlie Christos
Friday: Off
Saturday: Dave Gerard

and Christmas Eve Eve
Thursday: Lisa Guyer

Music starts at 8:00!