Friday, July 16, 2010

Mark Marquis on Saturday night--guitar at its finest!

Okay--this gentleman comes to Gravity highly recommended. I would probably describe Mark Marquis as an unheralded genius. Mark has been performing and teaching guitar for many years in New England and I consider it a real treat that we can bring his artistry to Gravity. Do yourselves a favor and check out some of Mark's work on youtube. Hope to see you there!

River Roast is on the way!

Early teaser for you--Saturday, August 14th--The First Annual River Roast at Kiki's and the Gravity Tavern. 2p~10p--live music and great food along the river. More details to come!

Gary Lopez is back

Tonight, crowd favorite Gary Lopez returns for another great show--it looks to be a crowded night too, so get there early.

Catching up again

Well--it has been a couple of weeks and we've had some good times here in New Boston. After NewFound Grass and Putnam Smith, there was a 'secret' show up on a local farm where we all got to enjoy Greensky Bluegrass. That was a real treat and I sure hope that the boys from Kalamazoo had fun. I'd love to get them back some day, but the way they're going, it'll be hard enough just to get tickets to a show!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What a great show...

Many thanks to Steve and the boys from NewFound Grass--a long night full of great music, and a special thanks to guest fiddler Bradley Winfield Parker. The house was full and the music was fantastic.

Next up--Putnam Smith.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

In The Hippo!

Nice little write up on Gravity in today's Hippo Press. Check out pages 52/53.

Hope to see you all soon!