Tuesday, June 21, 2011

July @ Gravity!

HELLO SUMMER!!!! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! June has brought us some new and exciting acts and brought back some amazing favorites. There is more of that to come in July!

July 2 T Mud & The Spuds
July 7 *OPEN MIC w/ Brad Bosse
July 8 Mac Holmes and Guest
July 9 Lichen
July 14 Infectious Remedy
July 15 Superfrog
July 16 Baker Street Band
July 21 OPEN MIC w/ Brad Bosse
July 22 JamAntics
July 23 Tony O's
July 28 Lisa Guyer
July 29 Charlie Christos
July 30 Raising Scarlet

**Kiki's Rockin River Roast 2011**
tickets on sale in July!!!!
Also Baker Street Band and T Mud & The Spuds

A great day of fun, sun, food, and music!!!!

Also in the works...
Halloween Party w/ DUTY FREE!
It'll be here before ya know it! :)

1 comment:

  1. Raising Scarlet will have an early CD release, and discounted Barnful of Blues tickets this Satruday - the 30th. Our CD we put together for Barnful of Blues came back ahead of schedule, so we'll have them, along with a very limited number of discounted tickets for sale at the show.